The Wonderful Wizards of Oz: Australia for the Actuarial

If you’ve ever thought about bringing your Prophet skills to the Land Down Under, we’ve got just the thing to help you get there. “Australia for the Actuary” is a relocation tip booklet for any level of actuary looking to add more Vegemite to their diet.

The UK financial market is experiencing a lot of turbulence right now. Wouldn’t you like to see a pleasant change on the horizon, one with kangaroos and koalas and sunnier skies?

If you would like a copy of “Australia for the Actuary” in either hard copy or PDF form, just contact one of our consultants or resourcers at our London office (+44 (0)20 7397 6200) or our Brisbane office (+61 (0)7 3112 2657). You can also send an email to and tell us which version you would like to receive.

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