Weathering the Storm

The Actuarial Profession’s 2009 Pensions Conference will be taking place next week (3rd – 5th June) in Leeds and is based around the theme Weathering the Storm.

Adrian Jones, Chairman of the organising committee for the Pensions Conference said:

“We have put together a programme that provides plenty of opportunities to hear about, discuss and debate the challenges we face. We have also ensured that there is flexibility to adapt to the issues of the day with hot topics sessions led by leading industry figures.”

Dr Geraldine Kaye will be presenting a workshop on “The Future of the Pensions Actuary”.

She will discuss the effects of increasing longevity, the spiralling costs associated with an ageing population and how this will affect the pensions industry.

Doom and gloom for pensions actuaries is being predicted with the closure of increasing numbers of DB schemes but the only problem that Dr Kaye can foresee for actuaries going forward, is that they must maintain their self esteem. When speaking to the Human Resource people responsible for the recruitment of actuaries, the impression she is left with is that actuaries are addictive – when you recruit one, you simply want more!

That said, pensions actuaries do need to retrain to survive, as she and Andrew White will argue in the closing debate.

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