IAA LIFE to Increase Services to Members

Dr Geraldine Kaye sits on the LIFE committee of the IAA (International Actuarial Association).

A committee meeting was held yesterday afternoon at the AFIR / LIFE colloquium in Munich. Those who were unable to attend in person, took part via a phone conference.

There was a long debate about the necessity of raising subscription costs for membership of the LIFE section but, after much debate and soul searching, it was decided to propose that annual subscriptions should be increased by $10. This will be recommended to the members for a vote next Wednesday.

The mission of the LIFE section of the IAA is to promote actuarial research and the exchange of knowledge in the field of life insurance around the world.

The additional revenue generated will be used to add value to the membership by:

  • Providing additional developments on Section websites;
  • Increasing usage of webcast technology to provide members with additional Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities;
  • Offering electronic access to the historical library of the ASTIN Bulletin, now The Journal of the IAA, including the most recent issues;
  • Sponsoring high-calibre guest speakers at Congresses and Colloquia;
  • Providing access to past papers presented at Section events
  • And many more.

As well as promoting research and CPD, the LIFE section organsises events and networking opportunities. Upcoming LIFE section events include;

  • Joint Life / Health Seminar 2009 in China
  • Colloquium 2010 in Cape Town
  • Colloquium 2011 in Barcelona
  • Joint AFIR / ASTIN / LIFE Colloquium 2012 in Mexico

Read more about the IAA LIFE section

Join the LIFE section

Register for Actuarial Jobs

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