Excellent Presentations at PRAG AGM

On Tuesday I attended the PRAG AGM. Although PRAG’s name is the shortened form of Pensions Research Accountants Group, there were lots of pension managers and a handful of actuaries as well.

I must get in a plug for PRAG because I used to be on their committee. Membership provides wonderful value for money. I arrived after the formal AGM just in time to time to hear Andrew Reid of Credit Suisse give a presentation on Longevity Swaps. Although we have placed candidates in buy-out companies it was only after hearing Andrew’s presentation that I truly understood the differences between the various companies and how they operate. At lunch the general consensus on our table was how clear his presentation had been.

After lunch there was a talk by Hamish Wilson on Pension Risk Sharing followed by a talk about PADA and its successor organization (the new name is expected to be announced early in the New Year). Again a wonderfully clear presentation by Richard Bartlett who also provided his direct contact details for anyone in the audience who wanted further information and clarification.

Unfortunately I was not able to stay for the last presentation, a Corporate View of Future Pension Provision by Martin Mannion of GSK. I am sure that that would have been an equally informative session.

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