Pathways to Becoming an Actuary – Video

This presentation by Dr Geraldine Kaye of GAAPS Actuarial was given at Imperial College Business School.

Part 1 What is an actuary? What qualities does an actuary need – academic requirements, good communication skills, personality type? Where do actuaries work – traditional sectors and wider fields? Rewards, salary and remuneration; Prospects for the future of the actuarial profession.

Part 2 Qualifying as an actuary: Choosing your degree, Advice about exemptions, Balancing university, study and the milkround.

What can you expect: Actuarial career paths, Variety and flexibility, Working across diverse industries.

Travelling as an actuary: Transferable qualification, International, CERA, UK professional bodies, France, Canada, South Africa.

Pathways to becoming an actuary: Self-study, ActEd, University, Exemptions, Imperial College Business School, Pros and Cons of each.

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