Alumni Breakfast at Cass Business School

I have just attended the breakfast part of the alumni world forum of Cass Business School.

It was web beamed around the world to other groups of alumni and was chaired by Tim Harford who writes the Undercover Economist column for the FT Magazine. In person he was as amusing, if not more so, than his column.

He started his introduction by referring to the master class which would follow it on the subject of happiness. He said that he could sum up the subject by saying that the thing that makes us all most miserable is commuting and the thing that makes us happiest cannot be mentioned at a Cass Alumni meeting.

Questions were being receive about the meeting from twitter and were shown on the large screen

The fact that I found most interesting to take away with me was said by a former Lord Mayor ; the average age of people working in the city is 31 and 40% of those working in the city were not born in the UK. Unfortunately I had to leave early for an urgent matter in my office but I will be returning for the lunch forum this afternoon.

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