South African Careers Fair

Once again, the GAAPS Actuarial Careers Fair at the University of Pretoria was a successful event with the biggest ever turn out for students and companies. Samantha Pretorius welcomed everyone (she stood in for Prof Anton Stroh) and then introduced Dr Geraldine Kaye of GAAPS.

For the first time Pretoria students were joined by their peers from the University of the Free State and North West University (Potchefstroom).

The students who attended asked many questions about the actuarial profession but appeared to be particularly interested in information about obtaining work permits. They were clearly aware that Actuarial Skills Travel Well.

In addition to the 2nd and 3rd year students we were delighted to see a number of students who are still studying for their matric but are clearly planning ahead for their future.

Visiting South Africa for the fair also enabled us to meet with candidates and clients and to renew and strengthen our relationships.

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