Monthly Quota Reached for Tier 1 General

The UK Border Agency has announced that the monthly quota for Tier 1 General visas for October has now been reached.

This is the first time that this has happened since a new temporary quota was
introduced from July.

This affects all applications for Tier 1 General visas, submitted OUTSIDE the
UK. It does not yet affect Tier 1 General applications submitted from within
the UK.

Applications can continued to be submitted as normal, however no new Tier 1
General visas can be issued until 1st November. This may lead to a “knock on”
effect from month to month until the new annual quota is set from next April.

We would urgently advise all applicants interested in applying for the Tier 1
General visa to look at doing so promptly before the processing times for such
applications are increased. Although the quota currently only affects
applicants outside the UK, we would advise applicants in the UK to look at
applying as soon as possible, in case any new quota is introduced.

We thank  Commonwealth Immigration for this information.

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