Australia Immigration Changes to Benefit Actuaries?

A new points system for Australian immigration has been proposed by the Immigration Minister. The early signs are that it will make it easier for Actuarial professionals to qualify.

The current system currently awards Actuaries fewer points than many trade occupations – something that the Immigration Minister is keen to change.

The proposed new system would remove this occupational weighting and replace it with a system much more focused on qualifications, experience and English language ability.

Degree qualified Actuaries would only need one year of experience to meet the general entry requirements for this occupation. Then, they would be assessed on a points system for age, English language ability, experience and other factors.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of Actuaries in Australia. So much so, that the state government of New South Wales has included the profession on their list of occupations that they wish to attract.

Although the new system has yet to be signed off and would not come into effect until July 2011, we think many of the proposed changes are likely to be introduced.

We would like to thank Commonwealth Immigration for providing us with this information.

If you are interested in moving to Australia, register with for actuarial opportunities down under.

One response to “Australia Immigration Changes to Benefit Actuaries?

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