Dr Kaye Announced as Chairman Designate of The Argonauts

Dr Geraldine Kaye was announced as the Chairman designate of The Argonauts at the most recent meeting at The Ivy.

The Argonauts is a dining club open to qualified actuaries practising in non-traditional areas (i.e. areas other than traditional life actuarial or pension actuarial work), such as finance, general insurance, investment management, pension scheme administration and risk management.

Brid Meaney was the actuarial speaker. She is an excellent speaker and spoke about Solvency II, providing insights that even Geraldine had not heard of before.

The non-actuarial guest speaker at the event was Robert Gardener. He gave a fascinating presentation in which he spoke about social networking and explained how it works. He also described how he had developed Mallow Street, a place for the pensions community to connect and share knowledge, into a social network with 1,700 members and one of the most influential voices in the pensions industry.

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