Argonauts Dinner at Painters’ Hall

The first Argonauts Meeting of this year, with myself as chairman, was recently held at Painters’ Hall.

Painters' Hall

There were two speakers; the first, Andre Kerr, is an RAF pilot who is taking the actuarial exams as a hobby and he gave the most wonderful speech on ‘Supersonic Risk Management’. The highlight for me was when he told us about trying to get the Institute to approve his taking an exam whilst he was stationed in Afghanistan; knowing the enormous number of regulations regarding which calculator you can take into an exam, he was concerned about how they would react to the fact that he would need to keep his gun with him, in fact they provided no restrictions for him.

Our second speaker was Richard Cousins of PwC. He started his speech on ‘Working as a credit advisor’ by saying that Andrew was a hard act to follow, in this case this was a very true statement but he performed admirably.

After the dinner, more people stayed for longer for drinks than I have ever known at an Argonauts dinner before. All crowded around our guest speaker.

The next Argonauts meeting will be at Tallow Chandlers Hall and the final meeting of the year will be held at The Ivy. I’m only chair for a year but if it were up to me we would almost definitely use Painters Hall again next year.

For more information about joining The  Argonauts, contact Heath Mottram, the Honorary Secretary.

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