Pensions Conference 2012

The annual Pensions Conference is where professionals from across the pensions industry join to debate, to learn about and to share their experiences of the issues of the day.  The programme includes a range of technical matters, softer skills and professionalism topics; we also cover many wider issues affecting pensions.  A new approach to an old problem, or a different view on the future course of pension provision – these are just some of the ways in which we hope the 2012 programme will support delegates to gain fresh perspectives on the challenges they encounter.

The conference is open to all who work in, or have an interest in, the pensions sector (not just pensions actuaries).

The Pensions Conference 2012 will be held on Brighton seafront, in the hive of culture, creativity and candyfloss (and pensions regulation!) that pervades this town on the south coast of England. We are hopeful that this eclectic and creative atmosphere will rub off on delegates as they approach the conference, as the theme of our conference is “Fresh Perspectives”…

A criticism often levelled at pensions professionals is that they are stuck in their ways and resistant to change. Whilst this is for the most part unfair, if we’re honest, we are all occasionally guilty of accepting long-held views and failing to question them, or of failing to challenge ourselves to find new ways to tackle the problems we face. We are confident that this will all change at the Pensions Conference 2012! We would like to empower all delegates to make a real contribution to the conference, for example by participating in workshops, asking questions and discussing and debating the topics raised during the breaks and over a drink or two in the evening.

For full details about the Pensions Conference 2012…

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