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ACTed tutorials sessions

One of our newest employees, Dami Ogunjimi gives us an insight into the ACTed tutorials sessions.

On Geraldine’s advice I opted for three full day regular tutorial’s spread out over a 2 month period, along with a block two full day tutorials to help me with my two exams. The tutorials proved intensive but informative beyond what I could read from notes alone.

The tutorial consisted of the lecturer explaining further what we read from our course notes, and going through past paper questions, to put our learning into practice. Giving us the chance to identify our weaknesses and work on them with the aid of the lecturer and our peers.

During the day it crossed my mind that I would have never worked out how to solve some of the problems without help. This alone proved the tutorials were worth both the money and time invested. Towards the end of our sessions, we were given useful hints and tips on revision techniques and how to deal with the exam on the day.

Along with enhancing our actuarial studies, the tutorials proved to be a great way to meet other students and expand our network. Not only did this result in some of us establishing ‘study buddies’, but we gained friends who are we are likely to know throughout our working lives

In my opinion, ACTed have hit the nail on the head with these tutorials. Excellent teaching methods provided by the lecturers, coupled with a relaxed environment ensure you get the most out of the sessions, without it being a tedious experience. I personally would encourage other students to attend if able to do so.