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Actuarial recruitment – Argonauts Club Dinner.

It was another successful dinner at this months Argonauts Club and it was my pleasure to bring along guests Sandeep Varma, Samantha Hu and Richard Hartigan who reported to me that they all had an enjoyable evening.

We had two guest speakers; the first was Martin Shaw a partner of Midas Charity Appeal. He gave a thought-provoking talk on ‘Investing in charities a good idea or not?’ it is true that charities and their Guerrilla style tactics have earned them some bad press but we must take a step back and look at how we can support the sector. Martin made some interesting observations on this topic.

Our second speaker of the evening was Jane Curtis, the first lady President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with her talk, ‘Public affairs: the problem with keeping everyone happy.’ Both speakers were excellent, after the speeches everyone enjoyed after dinner drinks in the Court Dinning Room.

After such a great night we will all be looking forward to our next dinner on the 17th May at The Ivy.

To find out more information on joining the Argonauts Club contact Geraldine Kaye on 020 7397 620 or email and mark your e-mail ‘Argonauts’