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A masterclass for actuarials on how to make an impact

Whether it’s for an atuarial job interview or a promotional oppertunity, you already know how important first impressions are.  But do you know how to maximise your chances of making that first impression a good one? Image and impact is critical as people subconsciously associate your visual impact with your abilities and values. This workshop session at Momentum conference 2011 was extremely popular and so we have decided to run it as a masterclass.

Course content

  • Enhance your professional image
  • Manage the perceptions others have of you
  • Personify your values through your non-verbal communication
  • Dress to impress

For more details and to book a place visit:

Heriot-Watt Careers Fair 2011

The team at Heriot Watt once again did GAAPS Actuarial proud helping to organise yet another fantastic event for future actuaries.

Over the day hundreds of actuarial and mathematics students busied themselves at the fair, where they were able to interact with perspective future employers, and come to the GAAPS stand to find out how we can help them progress through their chosen careers. We had fantastic feedback on the day from both students and employers; and one very delighted student won a Sony Bloggy from us!

So whether you are a candidate already at Heriot Watt, or thinking of making the move; or an employer who would like to join us at next years event please get in touch!

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Joint Regional Seminar on Economic Capital

About 1000 actuaries and actuarial students are attending the Joint Regional Seminar on Economic Capital.

Yesterday I attended the Bangkok arm. It was lively, well organised, useful and interesting.

The president of the Society of Actuaries gave an introductory speech and it emerges that 25% of the American Society at Associate level and below reside in Asia. I also loved his definition of what differentiates actuaries from others. “When we provide a number. We give it a context that’s what makes us special”

One of the best speakers of the day was a Thai gentleman named Sutee who said “he wanted to be measured by how people felt after his presentation.” Well I for one felt stimulated to learn more about economic capital and that at last I truly understood all the jargon surrounding it.

The final presentation was by Mark Saunders It was by far the best presentation on presentation skills I have ever heard – and I’ve been to many.

Next Week: How The Actuarial Profession Can Improve Its Image

Chaim Coutts will be presenting a workshop at next week’s GIRO conference in Wales.

How The Actuarial Profession Can Improve Its Image

Discussing proposals of communicating within the Actuarial Profession and how the teams, especially within the executive
teams, need to communicate over to the parts of the business, for example the Solvency II directive.
How this is affecting other parts of the insurance industry within the UK and beyond. How the communication is working
with other countries and how the UK Actuarial Profession can potentially learn and use this information to improve their
teams into the next decade.

Download the conference programme

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So you don’t think you need a risk committee?

This morning’s Breakfast Briefing was highly successful. Oliver Peterken presented a rigorous talk on the value of risk committees and the obstacles preventing them from being efficient. Here’s what to watch-out for:

·    Executive vs. Board: to whom does the Risk Committee report?
·    Beware the Audit Committee/Risk Committee overlap!
·    Chief Risk Officer’s relationship to the Risk Committee
·    Responsibilities: defining the Chief Risk Officer
·    Leadership in a time of crisis

The audience was engrossed and Dr. Geraldine Kaye facilitated a scintillating Q&A following the talk. The conversation was really informative and heated up after the cameras were off. A great time was had by all.

GIRO Booking Deadline This Week

Chaim Coutts of GAAPS will be presenting a workshop on how the actuarial profession can improve its image at the upcoming GIRO conference in October.

The deadline for the return of completed booking forms is this Thursday, 19th August 2010. Alternatively, you can register online.

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Alumni Breakfast at Cass Business School

I have just attended the breakfast part of the alumni world forum of Cass Business School.

It was web beamed around the world to other groups of alumni and was chaired by Tim Harford who writes the Undercover Economist column for the FT Magazine. In person he was as amusing, if not more so, than his column.

He started his introduction by referring to the master class which would follow it on the subject of happiness. He said that he could sum up the subject by saying that the thing that makes us all most miserable is commuting and the thing that makes us happiest cannot be mentioned at a Cass Alumni meeting.

Questions were being receive about the meeting from twitter and were shown on the large screen

The fact that I found most interesting to take away with me was said by a former Lord Mayor ; the average age of people working in the city is 31 and 40% of those working in the city were not born in the UK. Unfortunately I had to leave early for an urgent matter in my office but I will be returning for the lunch forum this afternoon.

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