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Interim Gaaps celebrates 10 year anniversary

Interim Gaaps A recruiter specialising in the financial services market has celebrated its 10th anniversary this month (August). Interim GAAPS invited clients and members of staff as well as their pool of interim managers to join in the celebration which was held on Wednesday 1st August at its central London offices.

The founder of the company Dr Geraldine Kaye was one of the first women to qualify as an actuary, and is also MD of its parent company GAAPS International which specialises in actuarial recruitment. She went on to found Interim GAAPS, with the specific aim of providing interim management solutions. Catering exclusively for the financial services market, the company sources a range of candidates in addition to its traditional actuarial base.

The majority of the company’s staff  have a background within financial services, ensuring that they understand the needs of both the candidates and the employers. By using its established network of contacts throughout the industry, Interim GAAPS has helped many financial sector companies with their short term management solutions for the marketing, compliance and solvency sectors amongst others.

“Interim managers can make a vital difference to businesses,” comments Dr Kaye. “By using their experience to guide departments or whole companies through specific periods until a full time manager is appointed, their role is often more important than people realise.”

Chaim Coutts, executive at Interim GAAPS adds, “It was great to see so many familiar faces to join us in celebrating our 10 years in business. I am very proud of what we have accomplished over this period and look forward to the next decade.”

The event took place at Interim GAAPS Bevis Marks office in Central London.