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GAAPS Australia’s Executive Director in The Actuary Magazine!

Good Morning everyone and first of all Happy 2012 to each one of you!!

Here at GAAPS we kicked off the New Year with a lot of enthusiasm… one of the many reasons being because our Australian branch Executive Director, Mr Tony Snoyman, got an entire page in the Actuary magazine!

I guess you’ve always wondered who are the faces behind the GAAPS brand and who are the people working at GAAPS desks…
Well, here you have the chance to find out more about our fantastic team!

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Actuaries Eligible to Apply for Tier 2 Work Permits

The statement of intent regarding transitional measures for Tier 2 of the points based visa system confirms that Actuaries, Finance Analysts and all graduate level occupations are eligible to be sponsored for a Tier 2 work permit.

The Youth Mobility Scheme visa (new name for Working Holiday visa) will allow citizens of Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Canada to work in the UK for 2 years. Applicants need to be between 18 and 30.

We thank Commonwealth Immigration for providing this information.

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Australia: State Migration Plans Open

All states / territories in Australia are now looking to attract migrants through their State Migration Plans.

This allows states to select migrants according to state specific occupation lists – i.e. what occupations are in acute shortage in that state. State sponsored migrants are processed as priority applicants, so this is a preferred option for many migrants.

States such as Western Australia and South Australia have long lists of occupations that they will consider for sponsorship. Other states such as Queensland and New South Wales are more specific – often targeting specific industry sectors that they want to develop.

It is important for migrants to remember that your occupation is not the sole factor in obtaining approval under a State Migration Plan. English language ability, available financial resources and employment research are additional factors that many states see as vital.

Furthermore, some occupations are subject to a quota. For instance, the state of Victoria has recently stopped accepting applications for ICT occupations, having received the limit of places under the annual quota for such occupations.

State Migration Plans are an increasingly important part of migration to Australia. The criteria varies from state to state and is often subjective – how can the applicant show he / she will settle successfully in that state.

Applicants intending to apply for residency through State sponsorship need specialist advice in making an application and demonstrating their suitability to that State.-

We thank Commonwealth Immigration for providing this information.

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Are You an International Actuary?

Actuarial Skills Travel Well but immigration regulations are being updated frequently.

If you are considering moving abroad it is important to ensure that you are aware of the various procedures that need to be followed when applying for international visas and work permits.

To help you we have created a list of  links to the relevant pages of international immigration websites.

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Australia Immigration Changes to Benefit Actuaries?

A new points system for Australian immigration has been proposed by the Immigration Minister. The early signs are that it will make it easier for Actuarial professionals to qualify.

The current system currently awards Actuaries fewer points than many trade occupations – something that the Immigration Minister is keen to change.

The proposed new system would remove this occupational weighting and replace it with a system much more focused on qualifications, experience and English language ability.

Degree qualified Actuaries would only need one year of experience to meet the general entry requirements for this occupation. Then, they would be assessed on a points system for age, English language ability, experience and other factors.

Furthermore, there is a shortage of Actuaries in Australia. So much so, that the state government of New South Wales has included the profession on their list of occupations that they wish to attract.

Although the new system has yet to be signed off and would not come into effect until July 2011, we think many of the proposed changes are likely to be introduced.

We would like to thank Commonwealth Immigration for providing us with this information.

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Competition: Win a Kindle 3G

Register or update you details on the GAAPS website for the chance to win a Kindle 3G.

From 1st December 2010 till 31st January 2011, all eligible entrants who register or update their details on the GAAPS website will automatically be entered into a free prize draw.

Due to the restrictions of gaming laws entry to the prize draw is limited to residents of the UK and Australia. There will be future events for international participants. If you do not live in the UK or Australia it is still worth registering so that we will be able to notify you of these events.

The competition is open to actuaries and those with ‘an actuarial connection’ over the age of 18. You will need to demonstrate your ‘actuarial connection’ when completing your registration.

Entry is subject to the full terms and conditions. There will be two separate prize draws, one for UK residents and one for Australia residents.

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How Do You Set Your Rates? International Societies Join Forces For Survey

The Casualty Actuarial Society, The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and the Institute of Actuaries of Australia have joined forces to produce a global ratemaking survey.

The goal of the survey is to gain a better understanding of current property/casualty ratemaking practices, techniques and skills throughout the insurance community.

They are keenly interested in responses from actuaries with experience in property/casualty ratemaking, and also  encourage you to share the attached survey with your non-actuarial colleagues involved in the pricing decision-making at your firm.

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