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Over a quarter of a million pounds raised in memory of Louise Wolffe

Last Saturday I attended the 10th  anniversary of the Louise Gergel (nee Wolffe) Foundation. The Foundation was set up by her family after her untimely death from Hughes Syndrome also know as “sticky blood”. The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate research and disseminate information about this little known disease which is far more prevalent and causes many secondary problems for which it is not recognised as the cause.

As the first GAAPS employee, she was instrumental in helping me set GAAPS on its successful path.

The aim of this foundation is to raise public awareness of the disease and to help finance research into Hughes Syndrome at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. They have already raised over one quarter million pounds since they started and I wish them all the possible success for this noble cause.

If you consider contributing into this mission, you can visit

Dr. Geraldine Kaye