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Survey looks at UK life and pension choices for new generation of customers.

Research by Cable&Wireless Worldwide has found that 90% of consumers express some dissatisfaction with the methods of communications from UK financial services providers.

Almost half would like more comprehensive websites which include video explanations and calculators, and17% of those asked wanted an instant message service whilst using the site. With younger consumers looking for more interactivity from providers, insurance providers need to respond to accommodate these needs or risk alienating future customers.

Nicola Dicks, director, General Insurance, Life & Pensions at Cable & Wireless Worldwide comments “Running multiple communication channels is simply not good enough if the customer experience is poor and disjointed, that’s why it’s vital for insurance providers to improve existing communication channels before rushing to invest in new ones. To engage with and retain their customers, insurers should be providing the right information and advice at first point of contact, whatever method that is.”

“Whilst at the moment technology leadership is strongest amongst younger customers, communications requirements will continue to shift as generations move through different life stages. Insurers therefore need to make sure they get their communication channels right–or they could find themselves restricted to a diminishing segment. Improving communications infrastructure will have a fundamental role to play in delivering the transformation required.”

Do You Know What Actuaries Do?

Actuaries work across diverse industries, from insurance, pensions and benefits, investment and asset management through to banking, healthcare, capital projects and risk. Working individually or as part of a team, you could find yourself being a consultant, analyst, trouble-shooter and risk assessor – all in the same day.

Actuaries use maths and economics every day of their working lives, but they also require good interpersonal skills, as they are in regular contact with clients, senior colleagues, and the staff they manage.

To a certain extent what actuaries do can seem to be shrouded in mystery – watch this entertaining video clip of students at Purdue.

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Global Careers and Actuarial Finance

Dr Geraldine Kaye presents a lecture at Imperial College Business School on global actuarial careers.

She discusses actuarial qualifications, immigration legislation, international CVs and the need to learn foreign languages.

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Do You Need a Risk Committee?

Oliver Peterken presents a rigorous talk on the value of risk committees and the obstacles preventing them from being efficient. Here’s what to watch-out for:

· Executive vs. Board: to whom does the Risk Committee report?
· Beware the Audit Committee/Risk Committee overlap!
· Chief Risk Officer’s relationship to the Risk Committee
· Responsibilities: defining the Chief Risk Officer
· Leadership in a time of crisis

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Compensation after the crisis With Olaf…

Olaf John, actuary and former stand up comedian discusses the impact of the financial crisis on compensation. What does it mean today and what is likely to be the long-term impact?

Watch the video below of a recent breakfast briefing held by GAAPS Actuarial.

If you would like to attend future breakfast briefings please contact

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Pathways to Becoming an Actuary – Video

This presentation by Dr Geraldine Kaye of GAAPS Actuarial was given at Imperial College Business School.

Part 1 What is an actuary? What qualities does an actuary need – academic requirements, good communication skills, personality type? Where do actuaries work – traditional sectors and wider fields? Rewards, salary and remuneration; Prospects for the future of the actuarial profession.

Part 2 Qualifying as an actuary: Choosing your degree, Advice about exemptions, Balancing university, study and the milkround.

What can you expect: Actuarial career paths, Variety and flexibility, Working across diverse industries.

Travelling as an actuary: Transferable qualification, International, CERA, UK professional bodies, France, Canada, South Africa.

Pathways to becoming an actuary: Self-study, ActEd, University, Exemptions, Imperial College Business School, Pros and Cons of each.

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Video of Heriot Watt Careers Fair

This video is of the GAAPS Actuarial careers fair at Heriot Watt University.

It was a busy, buzzing careers fair in Scotland with representatives from 14 major actuarial employers.

Employers discuss their actuarial training schemes, internships and company cultures as well as personal stories about their own careers and how they became actuaries.

The employers featured in the video are PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Aegon, Watson Wyatt, Aviva, Mercer and Hymans Robertson.

Students from Heriot Watt talk about the fair, their course and why they want to become actuaries.

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