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Dr Geraldine Kaye attends meeting of CPD Co-ordinators’ (of the Actuarial Profession)

Our MD Dr Geraldine Kaye (in front in an orange jacket) attending a meeting of  CPD Co-ordinators (of the Actuarial Profession) held  in London, in November this year. As you can see there was a great turnout and everyone had an enjoyable day.

Our MD Dr Geraldine Kaye (in front in an orange jacket) attending a meeting of CPD Co-ordinators’ (of the Actuarial Profession) held in London, in November this year. As you can see there was a great turnout and everyone had an enjoyable day.

Joint Networking Evening: Trading Longevity Risk – hosted by PRMIA and The Actuarial Profession

When: 17th December 2012, 17:30 to 20:30

Where: Staple Inn Hall, London WC1V 7QJ

A helpful event where delegates gain a range of perspectives on the emerging markets for trading longevity risk.

Panellists will present their views on a number of issues such as: overview of the market and its economic function, key risks involved and challenges, emerging themes, the role of regulation and Solvency II and perspectives from risk sellers and buyers.

Speakers include:

  • Douglas Anderson, Hymans Robertson LLP
  • Pretty Sagoo, Deutsche Bank AG
  • David Epstein, Aviva
  • Emma McWilliam, Milliman

To book your place email eventmanagement@actuaries.org.uk

GAAPS Actuarial – ISO accredited

GAAPS are very pleased to announce that we have been accredited with the ISO certification following a detailed inspection of our working recruitment methods in the actuarial profession.

The report which took place in early February highly praised our up to date audits and systems. Findings from both the internal and management review led to confidence that the systems will be well maintained. Unfortunately the recruitment industry has many companies who are sales led, rather than based upon sound processes and integrity. At GAAPS Actuarial Recruitment we have always prided ourselves on the robust processes and systems that we work to.

As well as the positive comments included within the report about our recruitment systems, our staff were commended for their knowledge of the actuarial industry, their specific roles and their responsibilities.

Actuarial recruitment – Argonauts Club Dinner.

It was another successful dinner at this months Argonauts Club and it was my pleasure to bring along guests Sandeep Varma, Samantha Hu and Richard Hartigan who reported to me that they all had an enjoyable evening.

We had two guest speakers; the first was Martin Shaw a partner of Midas Charity Appeal. He gave a thought-provoking talk on ‘Investing in charities a good idea or not?’ it is true that charities and their Guerrilla style tactics have earned them some bad press but we must take a step back and look at how we can support the sector. Martin made some interesting observations on this topic.

Our second speaker of the evening was Jane Curtis, the first lady President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries with her talk, ‘Public affairs: the problem with keeping everyone happy.’ Both speakers were excellent, after the speeches everyone enjoyed after dinner drinks in the Court Dinning Room.

After such a great night we will all be looking forward to our next dinner on the 17th May at The Ivy.

To find out more information on joining the Argonauts Club contact Geraldine Kaye on 020 7397 620 or email info@gaaps.com and mark your e-mail ‘Argonauts’

Over a quarter of a million pounds raised in memory of Louise Wolffe

Last Saturday I attended the 10th  anniversary of the Louise Gergel (nee Wolffe) Foundation. The Foundation was set up by her family after her untimely death from Hughes Syndrome also know as “sticky blood”. The purpose of the foundation is to facilitate research and disseminate information about this little known disease which is far more prevalent and causes many secondary problems for which it is not recognised as the cause.

As the first GAAPS employee, she was instrumental in helping me set GAAPS on its successful path.

The aim of this foundation is to raise public awareness of the disease and to help finance research into Hughes Syndrome at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. They have already raised over one quarter million pounds since they started and I wish them all the possible success for this noble cause.

If you consider contributing into this mission, you can visit http://www.lgfellowship.org/index/Home.html

Dr. Geraldine Kaye

Australian Actuarial Evening

Last week Dr Kaye attended the annual gathering of Australian actuaries.

The president of the Australian association gave a very usefull and infrmative talk and the dinner following the presidential address was equally enjoyable.

Everyone present participated in the discussions; informal comparisons with the other exams systems aroud the world were commented on on and ideas for ongoing networking events were suggested.

Dr Kaye said that “These gathering of the Australian actuaries are one of the highlights of my year.”

Much credit must go to Samantha Hu for arranging such a delightfull evening.

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GAAPS Faith Calendar

GAAPS is delighted to announce the 5th Annual GAAPS Group Faith Calendar. This calendar highlights the dates of the major festivals for various religions. Why not use it to ensure that your meetings and events don’t clash with key dates, when people in your workforce or customer base may be unavailable? If you would like a hard copy please let me know.

We have already had a positive response to this years calendar.


Our office has its copy in its traditional place on the wall.
It is about the only piece of advertising we pin up from anybody so it is obviously appreciated.


From everyone at GAAPS, a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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